About The Brand 

Shennan Scott, Owner

Growth is inevitable, as is change. As I approach my 9th year as a licensed natural hair specialist, I have not only grown and changed... I’ve become a trained Doula; a certified V-Steam Professional and a Natural Hair Educator.

 Most importantly, to me, my son and I have established a nonprofit organization in honor of my beautiful daughter Aniya Jade, it is called: 

The Jades Little Darlings Foundation

Also in these years, I have watched my client-family grow and change; my stylist-family grow and change and my business grow and change. 

All of this change is what makes the name The SoulFlower Secret Graden so fitting.

We are more than the care of hair, we are a safe space for your joys and tears, your happiness and fears.

Within these walls, we are a loving group of people, who embrace each other through this journey of life.


Sound deep? Lol, life is deep but have no worries... The Garden is great. 


The love abounds and so does the laughter and fun...

Come on in and see!


Yours Truly, 


Shennan Scott